The Best of Android and XBMC on your TV.

Matricom brings you the hottest in set-top technology including the world's most popular Android box, the G-Box MX2.

Now you can bring the world to your TV with the most powerful Android Box on the market! The G-Box MX2 is not only extremely powerful, it's also versatile. Whether you want to simple browse the net or need to get down to business, the MX2 is the solution for you. With thousands of free apps, games and utilities available from the Google Play Store, you'll never run ot of things to do. Who could ever imagine you could do so much with a $99 box?

XBMC Lovers.. Unite!

The MX2 has been developed to be fully compatible and to handle XBMC better than any other box on the market. The Special Edition XBMC has been created by key Android developers that specialize in XBMC and Android, bringing the two worlds together in perfect harmony to be used in the comfort of your living room. Never before has an Android box been so powerful. Look no further, this box has the full gamut of XBMC capabilities and is compatible with more hardware than any other box on the market and supported by a huge community of thousands of G-Box owners!

Highly Optimized Firmware

The MX2's firmware has been developed for effeciency and is highly optimized and tuned to it's hardware. This provides you with the full performance capabilities of the hardware inside the box which includes but is not limited to full 1080p decoding in apps such as the Special Edition Matricom XBMC, which packs more features and power into XBMC than any other version of XBMC available in the world and is only avaiilable on genuine G-Box products!

Transform your media experience

Tired of that old, slow and noisy HTPC in your setup? Replace it with the MX2 to save money, increase space, expand your features and grow on the incredible XBMC experience. The MX2 is not only small, compact, convenient and fun: It's extremely affordable! Expand your media collection to every TV in the house over Wi-Fi from your desktop, laptop or NAS storage. Pull in free content from YouTube, Vimeo, Live TV and more with free XBMC Add-ons. There's content for everyone in the family that you could be watching right now!


100% Hackable and covered by an UNLIMITED warranty

Don't get caught out in the cold. Matricom provides the most aggressive warranty in the WORLD. We encourage you to do ANYTHING you can think of with the G-Box. Never worry about breaking your device - it's covered unconditionally for 1 year from purchase. In case you don't understand what that means: ANYTHING can happen to your G-Box and we'll replace it. Even the most unlikely excuses: "The dog chewed up my G-Box" or "My G-Box told me it wanted to go swimming in the pool" are perfectly acceptable reasons for warranty coverage.


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The G-Box Experience

It all started with the G-Box Midnight, which paved the way for a new generation of media center devices and the onset of XBMC in the living room. G-Box products are developed by some of the most ingenuis XBMC and Android TV developers from around the world that have a true passion to bringing you the best to your TV. G-Box products are developed and engineered in the USA by software engineers that are nothing less than obsessed with media. The result? A product that will bring years of fun and entertainment to your entire family. 



One little Android TV box that delivers all of your media content

The G-Box is the portal to your media library, regardless of where it resides. Utilizing XBMC's powerful networking protocols, you can easily connect to your Windows, Linux and MAC OS shares. Want to share movies from your desktop PC to the G-Box? It's no problem. Have a network storage device handling all of your content? Easily shared and played on the G-Box. Is your media located on the internet? No problem! The G-Box can even handle media streaming from across the world. With XBMC's add-on capability, you can install add-ons that are found all over the 'net to create one of the most powerful streaming devices ever known to man!



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MX2 User Submitted Videos

There's hundreds of videos on YouTube and all over the web submitted by customers just like yourself. These videos include tutorials, tips and tricks, reviews and just about anything you can think of do with the MX2. Here we showcase a few of these videos. You can find more on YouTube by searching "G-Box MX2".

Liliputing MX2 Video Review

G-Box MX2 Customer Review


G-Box MX2 1080p better than Apple TV

G-Box MX2 XBMC Add-ons Review


G-Box MX2 vs. Apple TV and more

G-Box MX2 Review by 'Sludge'

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Get started today with the world's most customizable Android TV device!

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Take it to the next level with the G-Box MX2.

The G-Box MX2 is your media gateway to the world. Unleash the potential of your home entertainment center with the hottest XBMC device on the market. The MX2 is not only the most powerful choice for XBMC, it also packs all of the features of Android 4.2 including the ability to install all of your favorite apps from the Google Play Store.

You'll find hundreds of fun and useful things to do with your MX2 such as browse the web, Skype with your friends and family (requires a webcam), listen to your favorite music, play Android games and of course watch your entire media collection, regardless of where it's located.

Paving the path for Android XBMC and HTPC technology

Matricom is the leader in HTPC technology specializing in XBMC to bring the most powerful media center devices and solutions to your living room. The Matricom team consists of the world's most talented software developers and hardware engineers to bring you the hottest technology advancements available for TV. We bring you the hottest in set-top technology including the world's most popular Android box, the G-Box Midnight MX2, which is the word's #1 selling Android media player on Amazon!

Our goals as the leader in Android technology include:

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction. We believe in helping our customers. Matricom has a full-service technical support team available for all G-Box and G-Tab products.
  • Ingenuity through customer feedback. We listen to what you have to say to improve our products.
  • Community driven. Over 500,000 G-Boxes sold to date has created a very active and helpful G-Box community!
  • A passionate drive to develop the world's best cutting edge media technology.
  • Insane R&D Practices. Matricom strives to retain a 0% profit margin by investing all profits towards product development.
  • Extremely affordable. Our top consumer oriented goal is to bring the most powerful bang for your buck.
  • A serious love for Android. Our developers are passionate about what they do, which is what makes our products popular.
  • High continuous support. All products have at least an 18 month development cycle. G-Box products are here to stay!

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